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Family Programs

Our Family Programs are aimed to engage the entire family in our programs around STEAM education and our cooking programs. Every month, we host our Second Saturday Family Adventure Program, where we focus on outdoor, hands-on STEAM activities for students of all ages. Our past programs this year have included Campfire Cooking, Exploring Balance & Gravity, and Bird Exploration. 

We also host our Family Fun in the Kitchen once a month, where families have the opportunity to learn from Chef Afi Green on how to prepare vegan, plant-based dishes for the whole family to enjoy! Learn more about our programs below. 

Second Saturday Family Adventures

Join us for Second Saturday Family Adventure program taught by our knowledgeable staff. Our environmental education and service-learning programs enable students of all ages to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and student collaboration. These programs allow families to get outdoors to explore the Judith L. Shipley Urban Environmental Center and STEM education by learning about the power of wind, exploring animal hibernation in the winter, learning how to build a fire, making bird feeders as we search for birds and so much more! 

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Family Fun in the Kitchen

Family Fun in the Kitchen is the perfect opportunity to learn new easy, nutritious, and delicious recipes that you can make with children! Bond with your child and teach them pertinent cooking skills while trying something you both can enjoy! Join her once a month in-person to learn knife skills, cooking tips and tricks, and how to make recipes like Orange Cranberry Muffins, Tofu Stir Fry, Sweet Potato Pancakes, Hoppin’ John, Jackfruit Empanadas, and more! Chef Afi will walk your family through every step of the process and at the end, you will be able to eat the dish you made with your family!

All recipes are vegan and plant-based. 

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Please inform staff if you or your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions.

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