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Coalition for Healthy Food in Newark Schools Hosts Paid Community Listening Sessions

Coalition Seeks to Amplify Community Voices to Promote Nutritious Food in Schools

Food must nourish the bodies and minds of students, contribute to mental and physical well-being, and help prevent chronic illness—leading to overall success.

A groundbreaking initiative, the Coalition for Healthy Food in Newark Schools (HFINS), has been launched to ensure every child in Newark schools receives nutritious meals every day. 

The Coalition is hosting community listening sessions across the city's five Wards throughout August, inviting diverse representation from family members, business owners, food service professionals, and representatives from health and human services. 

Each session is structured to facilitate open, engaging conversations about the current successes and challenges that families face in ensuring their children's access to healthy meals. The goal is to better understand the current landscape and to develop sustainable, community-led solutions that will make a lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of Newark's students.

"Serving on the Coalition's steering committee, I've seen firsthand the power of community engagement and collective impact. Together, we're ensuring that our solutions are informed by those most directly impacted - the students and families of Newark." - Natasha S. Dyer, Executive Director of the Greater Newark Conservancy 

The Coalition believes that every voice matters and is committed to ensuring that everyone has the chance to have their say. Every participant attending the sessions will be compensated for their time and invaluable contributions. Participants who complete the 30-minute survey in person will be provided with $100 stipend for their time, and participants who complete the survey via virtual session will receive a $25 stipend. 

By taking this approach, HFINS is fostering community partnership, breaking down barriers, and building bridges in the pursuit of a healthier future for the children of Newark.

Further details on the community sessions, including the dates, times, locations, and link to the Listening Session survey will be announced on the HFINS Facebook and Instagram pages, and will be emailed to folks that register.

Save your spot today by filling out this brief, one-minute form! Be part of the change you want to see in our schools: 

About HFINS:

The Coalition for Healthy Food in Newark Schools is a collective initiative aimed at ensuring that all students in Newark have access to nutritious meals each day. The Coalition believes in the power of community involvement and the impact it can make in shaping a healthier, brighter future for students.

The HFINS Steering Committee includes:

For questions and further information about how to get involved, please contact:


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